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We’ll help you improve the performance of your existing ecommerce site by:

Analysing existing traffic & conversion rates

Identifying the reasons why visitors may not buy

Setting KPIs (key performance indicators) and help you achieve these

Improving engagement & conversion

Raising visibility

Driving more traffic to your site

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Ecommerce management

Very simply …



There’s a natural order of things …
We don’t try to get you more traffic before we’ve improved your conversion. Often, there are simple techniques we can suggest to help with conversion, (eg. real-time chat, reviews, testimonials, FAQs) which cost very little but make a very big difference to to the visitor to your site.
Following this initial exercise, we’ll either help you continue to improve your site’s performance by managing traffic/conversion for you, or give you the tools and skills to let you do it yourself.
Just get in touch … it’ll cost you nothing - we’d be delighted to meet and see how we may be able to help.